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The fastest and easiest way to scale your real estate investment portfolio profitably and without stress.

Our strategic and proven business model guarantees that our investors earn amazing returns on their investments every month or every year. See some of the amazing benefits of investing in the Spring Apartments Bespoke package below:

Up To 30% Rental Income

Our unique business model with Spring Apartments Bespoke gives our investors opportunity to earn up to 30% on rental income off the property every year.

done-for-you real estate investment opportunity.

We manage the entire life-cycle of your real estate investment portfolio, including design and construction, management, rental and sales for you.

35% Capital Appreciation

We estimate an up to 35% appreciation for your capital investments in Spring Apartments Bespoke, enabling profit scenarios in the value of your property every year.

earn returns monthly or yearly.

We propose two earning models for our investors - you can either earn from your investment every 30 days or every 365 days. The choice is truly yours.

Frequently asked questions

Spring Apartments Bespoke is a custom delivery of our novel spring apartments business model, which guarantees investors a lifetime of endless cashflow, without having to do any of the heavy lifting that goes into development.

Spring Apartments are blocks of hotel-style first class luxury residential apartments, offering a spate of uniquely designed multi family apartment units (Studio, One Bedroom, and Two Bedrooms) delivered to  to suit various market strata which is highly needed in Nigeria.

A full phase (project) of between 10 and 25 units of Apartments (can be tweaked to your preference), with a full implementaton of our profitable business model which guarantee up to 30% ROI on rental income and up to 35% capital appreciation yearly.

The Spring Apartment Bespoke typically has a 12 Month delivery schedule, from the date of ground breaking to hand over. However, investors can expect to start earning returns almost immediately.

The Spring Apartments project is available across Nigeria with maiden projects in Lagos while we diversify into Abuja, Port-Harcourt. We will advise you on the best profit scenarios before we go into implementation.


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Our clients say

I was inspired by the income generating business model of the Spring apartments to immediately invest. Today, I am a proud owner of a cash cow under construction with a delivery period of just 18 months!
sarah kabon
Proud Customer
I bought into the first apartment located at prince olarewaju elegushi street, and I am so happy because the property is very qualitative, the sanitary is excellent and the rooms are spacious.
Dcn. Romeo Jones
Proud owner of Sprina Apartments
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